Merchant Cash Advance

Get a Merchant Cash Advance for Greater Financial Flexibility

Could your business use more working capital to get by? Are you worried that you might not receive loan approval from your bank? If so, Lighthouse Capital has good news. We have a merchant cash advance program that offers very fast funding for businesses that may not qualify for other types of financing. A merchant cash advance is simply a cash advance against your merchant account. It’s not structured like a traditional loan, and you don’t have to make regular monthly payments to pay it back. Instead, your payments will automatically come out of your future credit card sales. A percentage of each credit card sale (whether it be via MasterCard, American Express, Visa, etc.) goes toward the repayment of your cash advance.

Benefits of This Program

There are many benefits to a great merchant cash advance program like the one we offer here at Lighthouse Capital. They include:
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Rapid arrival of funds
  • No collateral required
  • No application fees
  • Money to spend on equipment, supplies, advertising, or anything else you need
Don’t worry if your credit score doesn’t look exceptional. You don’t need perfect credit to qualify for a cash advance.


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Our application process is quick and easy, so you can complete it in a matter of minutes. To get started, contact us today and we’ll initiate the process.

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