Purchase Order Financing

Could Purchase Order Financing Help Your Business Succeed?

For businesses that are considered wholesalers, producers, distributors or resellers, having working capital on-hand is essential. Having financial flexibility will help you fulfill orders on time and pay your suppliers without delays. Here at Lighthouse Capital, we have a purchase order financing program that could be just what your business needs to succeed and continue operating optimally.

What Are the Program Details?

We regularly provide purchase order financing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Even if you own a new startup, you still have a great chance of getting funding through this program. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive once your approval goes through:

  • Opportunity to expand your market share
  • Ability to keep your customers satisfied by ensuring all deliveries arrive on time
  • Capacity to grow your business without going into even deeper bank debt

As with all our financing programs, our purchase order funding comes through very quickly, so you don’t have to wait weeks for it to arrive. If you need letters of credit for your transactions of trade purchase, let us know. We can provide you with those as well!


How Can You Get Started?

Some types of financing are easier to receive than you may think. Contact us today to chat about how our financing programs can help you continue to succeed with your business endeavors.

About Our Company

Lighthouse Capital is a leading provider of alternative funding solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. Lighthouse Capital offers business and commercial real estate financing products.


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