Fix and Flip Financing Charollte, NC

Fix and Flip Financing for Properties in Charlotte, NC

From Barclay Downs to Chantilly, Sedgewood, Enderly Park, and all points in between, property flippers are finding opportunities all throughout Charlotte, NC. At Lighthouse Capital, we work with commercial real estate investors and property flippers in the Charlotte area to provide the financing solutions they need to purchase and renovate properties. Whether you are a first-time property flipper taking on their first fix and flip project, or a seasoned pro handling multiple flips at once, we have you covered. Our fix and flip loans, as well as our fix and flip lines of credit, are designed specifically for the local property market in Charlotte, NC.

Fix and Flip Loans for Properties in Charlotte, NC 

Lighthouse Capital provides fix and flip loans for projects throughout Charlotte, NC. Our loans for property flippers feature:

  • Fast closing times (typically within 10 to 17 days)
  • Up to 85% of acquisition costs
  • Up to 100% of renovations and rehab costs
  • Terms up to 24 months
  • Low rates
  • Nationwide availability
  • Interest-only payment structures
  • No penalties for prepayments
  • Loan amounts as high as $10,000,000
  • Very low origination fees
  • Up to 75% of After Repair Value 

Fix and Flip Lines of Credit for Properties in Charlotte, NC

Our fix and flip lines of credit provide a robust and flexible solution for property flippers in Charlotte. Fix and flip lines of credit can be scaled to fit the needs of individual transactions and projects, as well as the needs of property flippers managing dozens, or even hundreds of properties simultaneously. Fix and flip lines of credit from Lighthouse Capital can be utilized by property flippers at all levels, and offer such benefits as:

  • Credit limits up to $5 million
  • Available for 1 to 500+ properties
  • Up to 90% of cost for property purchases
  • Up to 95% of cost for renovations
  • Terms up to 12 years
  • Fast closings within 12 days 

Property Types in Charlotte, NC

Fix and flip financing solutions from Lighthouse Capital can be used to purchase and renovate the following property types in Charlotte, NC: 

  • Town houses
  • Condos
  • Single-family
  • Multifamily

Solutions Designed for the Needs of Property Flippers in Charlotte, NC

 Property flippers in Charlotte, NC have a much greater impact than most people realize. Property flippers breathe new life into entire communities, which attracts home buyers, creates jobs, and boosts the local economy. Lighthouse Capital supports the positive impact of local property flippers, so we have tailored our fix and flip financing solutions specifically for the property market in Charlotte, NC. Our team will work with you directly to understand the needs of your fix and flip projects, so we can structure a solution to help you keep things on track and reach your goals on time. Whether you are looking to purchase your first property, managing multiple fix and flip projects, or if you need extra financing to keep your projects moving, contact the team at Lighthouse Capital today.

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